Exercise in the 2nd month pregnancy

Simple Exercises in 2nd month pregnancy

Exercise in the second month of pregnancy (2nd month pregnancy exercise)

The second month starts after missing our period cycle. When our period cycle is missed, then we get to know about pregnancy by urine test or by blood test. After this, sonography is done with the advice of the doctor to find out whether our pregnancy is healthy or not. When the pregnancy remains healthy, then doctors advise us to do exercises.

When our pregnancy is healthy, then we can do all the work which we used to do earlier, we can also do the exercises which you used to do earlier, but before that pregnancy exercises should be done with the advice of your doctor.

In the 2nd month, 80% of the mothers start feeling nauseous, feel a little chirpy, burning sensation in the chest, pain in the breasts, slight pain in the stomach, back pain, pain in the legs, constipation, urine There are complaints, that is why regular yoga breathing exercises should be done to reduce all these problems.

With all these pregnancy breathing exercises, the mother will be relaxed, sleep will be good, the blood flow in the lower part of the body will be good, along with the relaxin hormone which is produced in pregnancy, its function will also be good and those who have difficulty in breathing will be relieved. helps in

So here are pregnancy exercises to do during 2nd month pregnancy :

Pregnancy breathing exercises

1. Deep breathing exercise
2. Abdominal Breathing
3 Anulom Vilom
4. Kegel Exercises (kegel exercises for delivery)

Importance of Kegel exercises

Due to these exercises, there is good blood flow to your genitals.

Pelvic pain is reduced by these exercises. This brings control over the pee. The strength of the pelvic muscles also increases. Due to this the delivery muscles which control delivery become strong (kegel exercises for delivery).

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