Exercise in the 1st month pregnancy

Simple Exercises in 1st month pregnancy

Exercise in the first month of pregnancy (1st month pregnancy exercise)

What exercises do we have to do in 1 month of pregnancy?

We do not even feel the first month of pregnancy. A month passes by knowing about the pregnancy.

Most of the women have a belief that to get pregnant, then 10 days before the coming menstruation, we have to take complete rest and do not exercise at all, which is absolutely wrong. All the exercises that you used to do before pregnancy can be done in pregnancy also.

Just you should do these exercises under the advice and supervision of your doctor and physiotherapist.

Exercises during 1st month of pregnancy

In the first month of pregnancy, do the following exercises / yoga (Yoga in pregnancy):
1. Janushirshasana
2. Pachimottanasana
3. Viparita-karni
4. Supta bdhakonasana

Significance of these asana during 1st month pregnancy :

With these four methods, the blood flow in our uterus and ovaries will be good, due to which our ovulation and implantation will be done easily.
This is Pelvic muscle strengthening. Our body becomes flexible and our amount of stress hormones will decrease.

You have to do all these easy after 1 to 1-1/2 hours after eating something on a hungry stomach or something.

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